Who, What and Why?

Who am I?
I’m a post-doctoral scientist at Rockefeller University, with a little too much formal scientific training under my belt, but a liberal arts education itching to get out.
I’m a lapsed knitter and a blossoming runner, exploring the wealth of NYC running opportunities.
I’m a photographer who, up till a little before I started this blog, only had significant experience with processing in dark rooms with smelly chemicals, but is trying to forge my way into the digital world of the 20th century.

What will you find here?
There are articles here describing my adventures running, exploring NYC and with photography and writing– as well as, what I hope is, insight on science and being a scientist that should be understandable and interesting to all. If you are interested in only one angle, the posts should be well organized through the categories. Otherwise, follow along with me on the random journey through different segments of my life.

Why blog?

When I read my first blog, in 1995, I thought the fact that this kid was putting all his personal info- his diary!- out there for all to see, the craziest thing I had ever heard of. I mocked him for it. I am clearly not ahead of my time.

When I was an avid knitter and crafter, I did not succumb to the knitting blogs. I had craftster.com and ravelry.com. I read blogs, sporadically, but I could not imagine that others  out there cared enough about my twisted yoke, or my cabled scarf, to write about it- constantly.

I have, till now, resisted a running blog, using facebook posts instead to advertise my exploits- “yay me, I ran 10 miles today” and likewise. Must be fun for my non-running friends getting a slower- and perfectly acceptable- start to their weekend, to read this over their coffee. I apologize. This probably won’t stop, but I’m aware it must be irritating.

What did change my mind, was the decision to take a photo a day, inspired by a Flickr thread. I took a college photo class, years ago, and we were required to take a self portrait each day. Having to do this inspired an honesty in my shooting that was hard to face at the time : It highlighted how unhappy and uninspired I was that first year of school in middle of nowhere CT. But it was good for me and an excellent exercise. I’d also like to work on writing, something I’m coming back to after doing it on the side, too far on the side, for too long.

So… start a blog where I take a photo a day and write some words about it?… Great idea.!! At least I hope so. And while I’m at it, might as well meld in a running and knitting blog too. No fad is fully succumbed to, unless it’s succumbed to fully- at least that’s my excuse.

I look forward to meeting many of you through the “blogosphere”. Perhaps I’ll run into my old college computer science friend; I can tell him he was right; It did catch on…


2 responses to “Who, What and Why?

  1. Wonderful images matched with insight. Congratulations!

  2. I love “fotoblogs!” There’s something about unwritten creativity that allows me to think and engage with a foto to create my own “thought bubbles” and “moment of clarity” rather than reading some detailed account-boooring! Great blog! Combining your passion for science, love of life and taking fotos and the joys of running sure make an interesting read. Keep it up!

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